French Heritage Lamb

Known for their rich and delicious meat as well as wool, the Ill de France sheep is a breed originating in the 1830’s from the Ill de France region of France. All of our lambs are born on-farm and raised on forage (grass, legumes, and native forbs) for the duration of their life. We maintain a small flock of twenty ewes so our lamb is seasonal and highly coveted. It  is only available in our Morganton store. Call today to see what’s in stock, if you get to try some we know you won’t be disappointed.

DescriptionRetail Price Per PoundTypical Weight per PackTypical Price per Pack
Bone in Leg of Lamb$11.005 lbs.$ 55.00
Ground Lamb$10.501 lb.$ 10.50
Loin Chops$11.508 oz.$ 5.75
Rack of Lamb$15.508 oz.$ 7.75